Quartz  is a man made engineered stone formed from 90% ground quartz and 8-10% resin, polymers and pigments.

Why choose Quartz Worktops? :

Quartz worktops are a fantastic choice as well as looking great they also have a lot of benefits, Quartz worktops are very Durable and Non porous which means they do not require a lot of maintenance!

Quartz also does not stain, does not need resealing and is very easy to clean! – Please also take care with your worktops and place hot pans etc on the chopping board provided.

Quartz Worktops is also very hygienic, Due to it being non porous it is hard for bacteria to grow here- Great for food preparation.

There is many colours and patterns to choose from, we deal with a number of suppliers giving you many choices.