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Installation Guide

From the moment you contact us, you can rest assured that one of our skilled and experienced craftsmen will be able to assist you with your granite/quartz project, whether it is a completely new installation or the renovation of existing worktops. We are more than willing to take all the measurements in order to eradicate mistakes and ensure that installation goes smoothly.

The choice of pattern and colour of granite is extensive, and our staff will be happy to discuss with you the options available as well as styles of sinks and drainers to complete your kitchen. Once you have made your choices, CGD will call to template the area where the stone will be installed, once it has been fabricated our stonemasons will return to fit it on a mutually convenient date, completing the project to our customer’s desired satisfaction.

Our company offers further support once the job is completed through advice on how to look after your granite, so that it gives you years of service and maintains it’s natural beauty.

How long will it be before you call to carry out a survey of the proposed job?
Once we have discussed your requirements briefly on the telephone or email, an appointment will be made for a member of our staff to call and look at the proposed project, which is usually within a few days of the first contact.

What preparations is needed before your stonemasons can carry out templating my kitchen?
We would ask that all surfaces to be templated should be clean and clear of all kitchen equipment.

Do you need special kitchen units or can granite be fitted to any units?
Your kitchen units or cupboards must be level and be able to withstand the very heavy weight of the granite. If you are unsure/uncertain, please talk to the member of staff who calls at your home for advise.

Are there many different styles and colours of granite available?
Yes. please tell our staff what you are interested in, so that appropriate samples will be bought to your home for you to look at.

Is it possible to repair a scratch to existing granite worktops?
Yes, our skilled craftsmen can repair scratches through the use of specialist materials and polishing techniques.

Can granite be used in the bathroom?
Yes, for vanity units and in place of floor and wall tiles.

Can we plaster the walls after the templating process has taken place?
No, the plastering of walls must take place before the templating process is carried out.

How do I clean my granite worktops once they have been installed?
Please, use a mild soap and water to clean your granite worktops, buffing them dry using a clean soft cloth.

Will I cause damage to my worktops if I cut and chop food directly onto them?
Yes, it is advisable to use a chopping board for food preparation.

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