Granite Worktops 

Granite worktops really do show off natures beauty, Granite is a igneous rock formed by the the crystallisation of magma over many years. With grains big enough for the naked eye to see makes up its beauty of a natural stone  work surface.

Why choose Granite ? 

Granite is one of the most finest materials used for worktops, It is extremely hard wearing and can withstand the everyday cooking utensils, knocks and scratched- Given reasonable care.

There are many Different colours and patterns to choose from we have a range of granite suppliers who only supply the best quality granite.
Please feel free to visit their websites to see their large range of colours:






Green Maranice

Black Gallaxy

Juparana Colombo

Giallo Veneziano

Blue Pearl

Baltic Brown

Black Pearl

Emerald Pearl

Multicolour Red

Blue Eyes

Nero Impala

Balmoral Red

Bianco Sardo

Labrador Antique

Imperial White

Tan Brown

Zimbabwe Black

Kashmir White

Rosa Porino

Baltic Green

Tropical Brown

Verde Uba Tuba


Black Forest


Delicatious White


White Dallas