When deciding on a kitchen worktop, it’s important to choose a material that is both strong and looks great. At Granite Grand Design, we can create bespoke quartzite worktops in Bournemouth for your kitchen.

Quartzite is a material made from a concoction of 90% ground quartz, followed by 8-10% of resin, polymers and pigments. This engineered stone creates a durable and strong surface that is long-lasting – a perfect addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen sides are put through a lot of pressure throughout the year and this non-porous worktop can cope with the demands placed upon it by food preparation and drink stains. The nature of quartzite worktops means that they don’t require very much maintenance at all and it deters stains.

Hot pans are the only slight downfall to quartzite worktops as they must be transferred to a chopping board rather than straight to the surface. Other than this, quartzite provides an ultra-hygienic worktop that makes it near-on impossible for bacteria to form.

We constantly work in collaboration with many suppliers who can help us find the ideal colour for your worktop to befit your kitchen.

To discover more about our quartzite worktops and the simplicity with which our team can install them to your home, contact our team today.