Give your kitchen a renewed lease of life and extend the beauty of your favourite room in the home with our beautifully crafted and installed kitchen worktops in Brighton. At Granite Grand Design, we have a wide selection of styles and types of kitchen worktop that are certain to rejuvenate your space.

Any worktop is used almost every day. In the kitchen, your worktops have to deal with hot pans, spillages and chemicals. To make sure your kitchen surface stays looking great for years to come, we only use the best possible materials.

You’ll be amazed by the difference a kitchen worktop installed by our team can make. Not only is it cut to fit your exact requirements by using a laser etching technology, but it is fitted and secured to your kitchen to blend into the current design. You can choose from our marble, granite or quartz worktops that all have their specific benefits: both, however, look great in any kitchen.

Whether you want to introduce a new flash of colour into your kitchen with a stunning worktop or you’d prefer to befit the current style of your tiling, we can find something perfect for your requirements.

Discover the difference between our granite, marble and quartz worktops by speaking to our helpful and professional team today.