Transforming your kitchen means a lot of upheaval. But you’re just a few takeaway meals away from having a beautiful kitchen for cooking and enjoying. At Granite Grand Design, we can custom-build marble kitchen worktops in Essex.

Marble is one of the strongest materials and is commonly used across the world for worktops, buildings and more. It is both long-lasting and looks great. The variations of the marble worktops we can source at Granite Grand Design, mean you can have a glittering worktop for the foreseeable future.

When you talk to one of our team, we will discuss the best method for installing and cutting the worktop to your kitchen. The positives of having a marble worktops are that you’ll have a heat resistant surface, something that looks gorgeous in your kitchens and you can be sure of a unique piece of marble. The other benefit of marble is the cost effectiveness. You will have a quality worktop for an affordable price.

Our team will source the marble from sustainable places and assure you of its quality. After this and our measurements are made, we will cut and fit the worktop into place. No matter if you’ve got an oddly shaped kitchen, we can adjust to your requirements.

To discover more about our company and how we can source a quality worktop at an affordable price for you, get in touch with us today.