Kitchens are synonymous with innovation. Every aspect of the cooking process has been honed over the years to make it easier and quicker to cook. At Granite Grand Designs, we can install Bora kitchens hobs across Surrey to remove that cumbersome extractor fan.

If you’ve ever tried to clean an extractor fan, you’ll be met with an icing of grease, grime and food stuffs. This is not only horrible to clean properly, but will leave mess on your hob: no one wants double cleaning.

Banish that awful job by having our team install a Bora kitchen hob. Apart from reducing the amount of cleaning you need to do periodically, you can see the almost unbelievable Bora kitchen hob work its magic. It uses a centralised extractor on the hob to draw down the steam and food odours from pans and woks into the system.

No more rising steam getting in the way of seeing your boiling pasta, or food odours taking refuge in every room of your home. Enjoy the simplicity and beauty of the Bora range of hobs by choosing one of their varied extractor hobs.

Our team can fit and install your Bora kitchen hob to give you the latest in kitchen innovation. To find out more about the hobs, come and visit our showroom or get in contact with us.