When you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, your worktops can make the true statement of quality. At Granite Grand Design, we provide stunning granite kitchen worktops in Surrey that offer a strong and beautiful looking surface.

Granite is held above every other surface in the worktop world because of its pretty crystallisation and unique patterns. Each piece of granite that we use has a variety of different grains, colours and patterns that make it different.

Apart from being beautiful to look at, our granite kitchen worktops can withstand the pressures that any kitchen comes under. The extremely hard-wearing material will provide you with a long-lasting worktop fit to stand up to everyday cooking utensils as well as the inevitable scratches and knocks.

We get our supply of granite from three main companies, who specialise in providing the best quality materials and the widest range of patterns and colours. When you decide to use our service, we will measure up your kitchen space and allow you to choose the colour that complements the style of your kitchen.

Choose natural granite stone for your kitchen worktops to give your favourite room a breath of fresh of air. To discover more about our granite worktops or our other types of kitchen worktops, get in contact with us.