Your bathroom is the ultimate pampering room. Once the door is closed, the day’s worries fall straight from your shoulders. Stepping into the bath is just a step away; bliss. At Granite Grand Design, we create and install granite bath surrounds across Hampshire.

The surrounding of your bath has important jobs. On top of looking attractive next to the tub, it’s integral that it is waterproof and long-lasting. Dealing with steam, water and knocks on a daily basis means choosing a strong material like granite.

Granite is a timeless material that looks good in any bathroom. Whether your bathroom has a stone-based Swedish spa design or it’s a newly fitted and bright room, granite bath surrounds look great in all bathrooms.

Made from strong crystallised magma, granite is an unflinching rock that can be fitted to your bathroom easily. You can see the formation of the rock cut into the surface, providing you with a finish that is both unrefined yet water tight.

Available in a wide range of colours, granite can befit any style of bathroom seamlessly. Our team can shape and cut granite to any size for your bath surround.

Discover more about our range of granite worktops for your home by visiting our website. Find out how easy it is to have our team design a granite bath surround for you by contacting us today.