Kitchen sides and worktops come under a lot of pressure in their lifespan. Not only will they deal with hot pans and trays but they’ll deal with constant usage. At Granite Grand Design, we’re passionate about the benefits of granite worktops in East Sussex.

To that end, we want to show you why our granite worktops, and the service to fit and install them, is perfect for you. Here are five reasons to consider having a granite worktop installed today:

  1. Long-lasting – our granite worktops are made from igneous rock formed via crystallisation of magma, therefore creating an impossibly strong surface.
  2. Naturally good-looking – no matter what angle you look from, you’ll see grains and details that give the surface its beauty.
  3. Colourful – the wide range of colours and styles available mean that your granite worktop will fit neatly into the design of your kitchen.
  4. Hard-wearing – if you’re looking for a surface that does it all, withstanding heat, knocks and more, our granite worktops are ideal.
  5. Fitted with precision – our team will help to template, fabricate, laser etch and hand carve your granite worktop to fit your kitchen ideas.

Our team are waiting to hear from you about your space and kitchen. We will help you find the granite worktop that is perfect for you. To discover more about our worktops, get in touch with us today.

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