Slipping into a hot bath after a long day at work or playing sport is one of life’s most relaxing moments. Naturally closing your eyes, the next thing you will see will be the aesthetics of your bathroom. At Granite Grand Design, we ensure that when you open your eyes you will see a beautifully crafted bathroom.

Our installation and creation of granite bath surrounds in Brighton is regarded highly by everyone who has come to us. Each granite piece we select is designed to befit your bathroom with the correct shade and style.

The unique qualities of granite make it the perfect addition to your bathroom. Every time you cut into a slice of granite, you will witness a different grain pattern effect running through the material. This defining feature will give your bath surround a natural and gorgeous feel immediately.

When you start the process with our expert team, we will design, measure and fit your granite bath surrounds around your requirements. Whether you’re looking for a full surround that encompasses your whole bathtub, or you want to focus solely on the splashes spawning from the shower, we’re the best team to call upon in Brighton.

If you’re wondering how a granite bath surround will look in your bathroom, speak to one of our team to get the best advice.