Bora kitchen hobs have revolutionised the way that we use kitchen extractor fans. The traditional extractor is no match for the Bora range which we are passionately a partner of here at Granite Grand Design. We can help you design and fit your new Bora kitchen hobs in West Sussex.

Ordinary kitchen hobs have an extractor fan above the cooking area to take steam, odours and moisture away. They are often sticky and slick with cooking fats. This is to be expected, but what if there was a way to get rid of the smells and the dirtiness?

The Bora range of kitchen hobs do just this. It uses downdraft instead of updraft to suck in steam and odours away from the area. This gives you a raft of benefits such as being able to see what you’re cooking and not have to clean an extractor fan again.

Our team here at Granite Grand Design can help you fit the different types of Bora extractor, Basic, Classic and Professional, to your kitchen hob. We can prove the effectiveness of the Bora range with our live cooking shows. These will display the quality of the product which could be yours.

Visit our showroom in Hove or get in contact with our team today to find out how the Bora hob could help you.