Bora’s hobs are revolutionising the kitchen world and removing the need for huge and loud extractor fans above your cooker. At Granite Grand Design, we are a leading distributor of Bora kitchen hobs in Surrey and can show why it’s held in such high regard with a live cooking show.

Our partnership with Bora means that we can demonstrate how the kitchen hob works as well as have them fitted to your home. The difference with the Bora kitchen hob to conventional ones is that the steam and odours from cooking are extracted downwards instead of upwards.

This may seem like an almost impossibility. We’re all told that heat rises in school, but the Bora hob sucks in the steam and odours quicker than they can rise. This means that it is taken down and extracted that way. With its sleek design, the Bora range of hobs allow you to remove lingering odours and remove the burden of cleaning extractor fans.

With four different variations of the Bora hob, you can have a game-changing hob installed in your kitchen within minutes. From the Bora Basic to the Bora Professional Revolution 2.0, get the hob of the future.

To discuss your options with our helpful team or see a live cooking show, visit us in our Hove showroom.

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