Bora kitchen hobs have revolutionised the kitchen extracting world with their downward extraction hobs becoming popular across the world. At Granite Grand Design, we are proud to be a partner of the Bora range and can have Bora kitchen hobs in East Sussex installed in your home.

Forget old extractor fans that leave clogged up grime over time and leaves floating cooking vapours from the food. With Bora’s range of products, you can watch in amazement as the vapours are drawn downwards into the system, rather than upwards.

As food cooks, its vapours and odours move upwards at a maximum of 1m/s. To counter act this the Bora range of products works to bring the air downwards at 4m/s. At Granite Grand Design, we are able to show you exactly what this looks like at our showroom with a live cooking show.

There are three products in the Bora hob range; Basic, Classic and Professional. They all retain the same principle behind them, which is remove the vapours and odours that usually accompany cooking. With freedom, silence and the smell of fresh air as you cook, the Bora range is a great investment.

To find out how we can provide you with the latest in cooking hob technology, get in touch with our team.